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Compliance Management Training, Education, Development

Specializing in Transportation, Safety, Health Care and Workplace Regulations



Cahill Swift provides management-consulting services emphasizing measurement, analysis and compliance. Our team offers professional training, survey development, research and analysis, auditing services, regulatory guidance, and policy review and development.


Surveys and other measurement tools provide key insights into complex issues. Our research team has experience designing, implementing and analyzing surveys. Our technical capabilities include the creation of web-based survey platforms and the ability to enrich our data gathering with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


We appreciate that employers are responsible for implementing a range of regulations that are often difficult to understand, pose operational challenges, and sometimes aggravate existing work cultures. Our approach to compliance relies upon a system of creative research, stakeholder interviews, policy reviews and analysis of records and other company documents. This system allows a holistic understanding of an issue, identifies areas of success and of non-compliance, enables the mitigation of personnel concerns, and consistently provides our clients with effective solutions.


Personnel training are an essential part of achieving and maintaining compliance. We tailor our trainings to the specific needs and backgrounds of our audiences. Participants leave our trainings understanding a requirement, how their company desires its implementation and how to identify helpful resources. Accomplished auditors, we use a variety of investigatory methods to achieve a nuanced and accurate understanding of work processes, to suggest best practices, and to ensure established regulatory standards are compliantly fulfilled. We recognize guidance must be presented in clear, direct language. Policies, reports and other materials created for our clients draw upon years of experience as published technical writers.





2 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

Tel:  617-314-9208


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